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Barquellas is a company from Valencia born in the year 2020 as a result of reinvention dedicated to the snack market.

At Barquellas we combine extensive
experience completely focused on innovation. We have a team and first class suppliers, as well as an industrial and financial structure of warranties.

At Barquellas we work with efficiency and and enthusiasm to revolutionize the snack market by presenting innovative products and surprise with a quality product.

We have a devotion to exploring and discovering new worlds of aromas and flavours, so that every bite is a unique experience.

We work on the basis of honesty and determination to establish with our distributors a long-lasting relationship.
Because we are here to stay.

Barquellas lands with its brand Müix. Mixes to which we have dedicated time and affection, mixes that will surprise you with a perfect combination of ingredients and individualised aromas in each element that composes it.